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My name is Alex Breda,

I am a recent Journalism and Professional Writing graduate out of the University of South Australia.

While all my professional experience is all well and good, I think it might be time to properly introduce myself!

I am 23 years old, sports mad (go Carlton Blues/New York Knicks), love a good podcast, have watched both Seinfeld and The Office four times over and I’m (very) slowly becoming an avid reader.

I like to think I’m a fairly laid back guy who is very easy to get along with and works well within a team.

I love my friends and family more than anything – none more than my BFF Kobi (he’s my 12 year old Labradoodle) (he’s the best).

I think my best qualities are my willingness to learn and also be out of my comfort zone as well as my ‘soldier on’ mentality.

People always ask me what my dream job is. To be honest, I’ve always found this question difficult as I don’t know what the future holds. My goal for now is to continue to learn and develop in a range of different aspects, particularly in the marketing/media field.

And I guess I’m a pretty nice guy!

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