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Masters of Mindset Video Series Storyboards

Below are a few examples of storyboards that were created for PickStar’s Masters of Mindset video series that were posted to PickStar’s social media channels.

The videos aimed to tell the stories of some of the talent available on PickStar’s platform. These videos (and the accompanying copy) ranged from a number of different themes, including; leadership, mental health, motivational, resilience, team work, communication and many more.

NOTE: I storyboarded over 90 videos for this series, so have elected to only include the best of the collection. The videos themselves were created with images I sourced, however the production was done by video editing interns. The videos themselves can be viewed in the links provided below.

Jade North

Motivation Mindset

View here

Jade North made history when he became the first ever Indigenous Socceroos Captain
12 years later, it’s now his motivation to see as many young indigenous people as possible follow in his footsteps
Jade founded the “Kickin With a Cuz” program to give young kids the chance to have a crack at football, and also inspire them to make the right life choices
“I never had anything like this as a kid, someone who came from the same background and is now a professional sportsman and who could give me the right advice.”
Jade via Athlete’sVoice
Jade was recently appointed as an ambassador for GIVIT’s National Indigenous Support Program
“I’m incredibly excited to be part of GIVIT’s Indigenous program, that asks our communities across Australia exactly what our most vulnerable people need to improve their situation”Via National Indigenous Times
Jade continues to be an inspiring figure in the sporting community, and he’s motivated to be a leading light for those who need it.

Jaqcui Bell

Mental Health Mindset

View here

Jacqui Bell is an Australian Ultramarathon Runner who has overcome so much to be where she is today
In 2016, during her recovering from a range of injuries, Jacqui became addicted to painkillers
“I really struggled for a while there. I was cancelling plans, I’d miss work, I’d spend days in bed and my family didn’t even know… I just didn’t know my purpose”
Via Red Bull
In a bid to move on from this dark time Jacqui moved to Bali, here she was pulled off of her scooter and suffered 10 days in hospital and over 200 stitches
Following this ordeal Jacqui moved back to Australia with a focus on resetting her life
“I knew that I had to make a really big change in my life and that’s when I chose to do one of these ultramarathons”
Since taking up the sport, Jacqui has become the youngest person ever to run an Ultramarathon on every continent and raised over $20,000 for the White Cloud Foundation
Jacqui understands better than most the value of both physical and mental strength

Sharni Layton

Elite Performance Habits

View here

Previous netball and current AFLW star Sharni Layton knows what it takes to be at the top of your game
The former Australian Diamond won two Commonwealth golds and two ANZ Championships before retiring in 2018
Shortly after her retirement from netball, Sharni joined Collingwood FC’s AFLW and VFLW programs
Throughout her career, Sharni has become known for her incredible work ethic
“She trains like she plays and it forces everyone to lift to a new level. If you go soft, well, she’s going to run over the top of you.”
– Former coach, Rob Wright
Via AthletesVoice
Sharni also runs her own personal training courses, and through this she is able to instill her values of hard work to others
“Working hard for something is what makes it so special. If the pathway was easy, and we all made it, we wouldn’t care as much about how we got there”
One of Australian sport’s biggest names, Sharni Layton has worked harder than most to get to where she is today

Robbie Cornthwaite

Resilience Mindset

View here

Robert Cornthwaite, the former Socceroo, has overcome so much to get to where he is today
Robbie spent most of his younger years growing up in a caravan, after his family moved to Australia from Blackburn, England
However, Robbie grew to become one of Australia’s top defenders forging a 15 year professional career playing spanning across clubs in Australia, Korea and Malaysia
It was during his time in Malaysia that Robbie and his wife Nel experienced a terrible tragedy
Shortly after the premature birth of their second child, Minnie, she passed away in their arms
“She was tiny, fragile and so precious. I’ll never forget the time we shared.”Via Beards of Hope
Since then, Robert has both retired from soccer and welcomed a third child into the world, Bodhi
In what has truly been a rollercoaster ride for both Robbie and his family, it was his resilience that remained throughout

Caroline Buchanan

Resilience Mindset

View here

Caroline Buchanan is an eight-time world champion across the sports of BMX Racing and Mountain Bike Riding
The two-time Olympian is one of the biggest figures in action sports
However, Caroline has had to overcome a lot to be where she is today
When Caroline was 12 years old, her and her family lost their home to the 2003 Canberra Bushfires 
“As a family unit it brought us back together, we just focused on sport from then”
Via Off-Field Podcast
Then, in 2018, Caroline suffered a life threatening off-road vehicle accident that left her hospitalised
“It was a massive reality check, about how fragile bodies are and what they can sustain. Being an elite action sport athlete, you definitely put your body on the line”
Via Nine News
Caroline has since begun to mount somewhat of a comeback to the sports she loves, even winning a BMX event in Indonesia in November
With a multitude of successful off-track endeavours, Caroline has shown how to overcome adversity to be at the top of her game in all aspects of life
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