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I began at Adelaide based tech startup PickStar as a Content Marketing and Copywriting Intern in March 2020.

Over my time at PickStar I was able to create a range of content including graphics, video copy, blog posts, EDM material and web copy. I also assisted the business in a variety of other tasks.

Eventually with PickStar I progressed on to part time work. My time with the business began at the height of the COVID-19 outbreak in Adelaide and also in a time of growth for the business. I was able to be a part of PickStar’s international expansion into the UK and US.

To find examples of the work I completed, follow these links.

Note: After the completion of my time at PickStar, the business rebranded meaning all of this content is not inline with the business’ current brand.


Social Media Graphics Creation


Video Copy

Web Copy

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